Andi Elloway

Andi is one of Patrick Hoelck's favorite retouching artists, responsible for putting the finishing touches on many of his most recognizable images. She's also a great photographer in her own right, shooting major fashion and advertising campaigns.


Andi Elloway was born in Southern California and grew up on skateboarding and hip hop. Her enthusiasm for photography started in high school when she began shooting defaults of friends for their Myspace pages.

After graduating from the Art Institute of California with a BA in graphic design, Elloway worked in film editing and motion graphics before beginning her photography career as an assistant to celebrity and fashion photographer Kenneth Cappello. Andi is a regular contributor to Purple Magazine’s Purple Diary, and was recently featured by Complex Magazine as one of 25 Young Photographers To Keep Your Eye On. She has also worked with publications that include Glamour, Rolling Stone, Nylon, Elle, and Sneeze, and with brands such as American Apparel, Macy’s, Hudson Jeans, Hard Rock, and MADE Fashion Week.

Andi’s images are raw, real, and portray a type of accessible and youthful glamour. When asked what inspires her, she cites music, creative styling, dramatic locations, and eccentric personalities as sources. Elloway currently calls New York her home, and when not at work she can likely be found at Equinox or cruising SoHo with her silky terrier, Biggie.

Andi's work

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